"We make shoes for our lifestyle, we make shoes for life with style" - Creative Recreation

by Ula Kokalj | October 30, 2013

Creative Recreation label was born in the fall of 2002 to fill a void in the footwear market. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the original lifestyle footwear brand was founded on creativity and innovation. Creative Recreation offers an affordable yet stylish collection for any occasion. 

They set out to create a high quality footwear line that addressed the needs of an emerging lifestyle consumer. They wanted to design footwear that they would like to wear. By combining the best attributes of different footwear categories - the comfort of an athletic sneaker with the materialization of a dress shoe - the ultimate crossbreed of lifestyle footwear was born.
Creative Recreation creates a high-quality footwear line that addresses the needs of emerging lifestyle consumers and stylish young professionals. Industry was offering either a dress shoe to be worn with a suit, or an athletic sneaker that did not fit the many functions of a person's lifestyle. When they realized that success is no longer equated with wearing a suit and tie, Creative Recreation began its journey to embrace fashion-freedom with a design approach that blurs the rules.
Photo: CR, Shoes: Cota White Croc Snake

Creative Recreation has been worn by many famous celebrities such as Kanye West, Mario Lopez, will.i.am, and Diddy. Their passion for pioneering this market 10 years ago, is the driving force inspiring Creative Recreation to continually recreate the future of lifestyle footwear today.
Photo: CR, Shoes: Vito Brown Vintage