About Us

Moesolo is the ultimate destination for confident individuals in search of the exquisite fashion experience. We collaborate with your favorite local and upcoming brands to bring you limited edition goods only available through the Moesolo Marketplace. Exclusivity is key and selected brands are always at the forefront of their market segment. We deliver high end fashion pieces to complement your original style.

Delayed gratification or instant: the choice is yours.


Moesolo is focused on creating a sophisticated fashion environment with significant items for fashion forward individuals. Our goal is to provide a final shop stop to upgrade your selected outfit and a constant come back spot to update your collections.

Staying on top of the game with high-end online costumer service:

  • express shipping
  • 7-day delivery
  • free returns and exchanges
  • no minimal order
  • special orders

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We are located in Norway | Mike Bam Norge | With office in Oslo