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Moesolo sponsor of first Creative Recreation Tertulia

by MikeBam Represents | October 22, 2014

The official definition and explanation of the origin of the tertulia is that like minded people would get together in local bar and have quite intelligent conversation related to literature and poetry over delicious coffee. As sponsor and service for Creative Recreation Slovenia we will have conversations about retail, fashion and their trends over good wine. 

Event will be placed at BarVrtnica 27th of October at 6PM "Creative Rec Tertulia"

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BBC's "God Only Knows"

by Ula Kokalj | October 08, 2014

BBC joined forces with more than 20 musical superstars like Lorde, Kylie Minogue, One Direction, Dave Grohl, Stevie Wonder, Chris Martin, Pharrell Williams, Florence Welch, Elton John and others for a beautiful remake of the Beach Boys' 1966 hit, "God Only Knows."

The single is available for download, with proceeds going to the BBC's Children in Need charity, and is helping launch the BBC's new music initiative, BBC Music.


It's not the first time for BBC to collect singing stars for charity. Seventeen years ago their charity single was a remake of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day."


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