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Accessories for boys and men with a vintage timeless feeling – NIC & MEL

by Ula Kokalj | November 05, 2013

There was a time when design and function worked as one. A time when you didn’t destroy a beautiful watch, or wallet, or whatever, with loads of unnecessary details. Details that added a zero to the price, but nothing to what you actually got.

Nic & Mel was founded 2010 by the owners of the Swedish woman brand, Vintage by Fé.


The idea was born when the founders discovered that there was a high demand for accessories for men on the Swedish market. Since no companies focused on this segment, they identified an available market share. The products are timeless accessories with a feeling of retro. Itʼs a unique collection and Nic & Mel will only be sold by selected retailers to ensure that the products are presented in the right environments.


We believe in keeping it pure. We’re not following the latest trends, not inventing the wheel. We’re simply bringing back the best from history. Bringing back what once was lost. The ability to stay timeless.“

Inspiration comes from a time when focus was on function rather than unnecessary details. Nic & Melhas combined a design from past times with todayʼs existing demands and created products that are unique. The keyword has always been timeless; Nic & Melʼs accessories will last over seasons andtrends.


Nic & Mel has a collection of wallets, scarves, wristwatches, pocketwatches, iphone cases, keyholders and bracelets.

Photos: Nic&Mel

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