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It's all about love

by Ula Kokalj | February 12, 2014

Friday is coming. For some of us, just an ordinary day, but for the others Valentine's day. Day when we celebrate love. Showing our affection to our partner or just to a (best) friend.

What is the perfect gift? I don't know. I'm not a "Flower" kind of girl. I don't like things that are dying a front of me. Maybe chocolate is better. But still, it's only five minutes of pleasure.

Never ever ever buy your girl an anti-aging crème or anything that applies to cellulite or overweight. Maybe perfume if you know her favourite sense. Otherwise better not.

I admit, I'm jewellery addict. Ok, I don't expect diamonds or engagement ring. But something that screams ME.

Why jewellery? It's personal. Flowers or chocolate are safe gifts. Red rose is almost perfect choice. Well, you have some special ladies like myself who prefer other flowers and really don't like red roses.

Box of chocolate, why not? But be original.

For this Friday we, at Moesolo.com, prepare a special offer for Valentine's day.

Use discount code LOVE.

2-day shipping and free delivery in Slovenia.

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"Sophisticated New England design 100% made in the U.S.A." - Kiel James Patrick

by Ula Kokalj | November 02, 2013

Kiel James Patrick is perhaps the most famous best-kept secret in American handmade wares. His belts, bracelets, ties, and other accessories are sold worldwide but only in the most discerning of retail stores.


The inspiration for the Kiel James Patrick brand was brought on by years spent exploring vintage clothing stores, antique shops and friend's attics in search of the age-old quality, style and construction once easily found in American made goods.

Soon, those aspects of classic wares became a starting point for the KJP brand, which embraced the simplicity of design and regal nature of old family tartans, regimental stripes and high quality woven goods from Scotland, England, Ireland and the USA.

 Photo: FPF, Bracelet: Jack Fitz

"I am on a mission to produce original products while sourcing the highest quality fabrics, leathers, nautical cords, and textiles that I can possibly find."

By combining timeless patterns and textiles, Kiel James Patrick began creating hand-made bracelets and belts, as well as modifying and reconstructing other goods such as shirts, ties and sport coats.

In due time, this passion grew into a business that allowed the brand to become a public symbol of elegant and understated styles and fashion. From its inception as a personal hobby to its current standing as a rejuvenation of sophisticated New England design, Kiel James Patrick has consistently been growing and developing into a recognizable name indicative of quality, style and integrity.


Photo: CGWP, Bracelet: Royal's Golden Fleet

From humble roots as a personal hobby, selling out inventory at craft shows throughout New England to worldwide distribution, the Kiel James Patrick brand has always maintained its commitment to solid construction and American Made virtue. From the buttons to each individual stitch, KJP products are 100% USA Made.

"Well, in the first 3 years, Sarah and myself made every single bracelet. Sarah prepped, cut, and ironed the fabric, while I sewed on the labels, stitched the pieces together and attached the buttons. To-date we have made over 12,000 bracelets from start to finish. We have worked between 110-120 hours a week for 5 years straight. It was a bit of a nightmare when the production was done 100% by us, but we are now enjoying the fruits of our labors with over 20 people employed and 100% ownership."


Photo: KJP

The KJP design studio and factory is located in Rhode Island, just a few miles from the places the brand found its inspiration. As the products and product lines continue to grow and evolve, Kiel James Patrick will continue to support local businesses as well as continue to provide jobs to the people of the United States.

"Rhode Island is the “Ocean State.” Our license plate has a giant anchor on it. Our state flag is the word “Hope” under an anchor & nautical rope. Newport’s nautical “Old New England” charm offered me an array of lifestyle/décor/style I deeply admired."

Every facet of the Kiel James Patrick brand, from its timeless look to the lifestyles the products represent is intentionally unique and something the company is immensely proud of.  

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